21jAeroDesign New Aircraft Parts

Enhancing Reliability Whilst Reducing Cost

21jAeroDesign is a trusted industry provider of the design and supply of new aircraft parts. We have extensive experience in the re-engineering of ‘problem’ parts to improve reliability, whilst at the same time reducing cost. We work closely with our established production partners to guarantee short lead-times and a robust supply chain.

Here are some examples of the aircraft parts designed by 21jAeroDesign:

CFM56-5B Thrust Reverser Adapter Ring Outer Flange Segments


Operators of CFM56-5B powered A320FAM aircraft have experienced severe corrosion damage effecting the lower flange segments of the thrust reverser adapter ring.


As in this case, the aim of 21jAeroDesign is not just to reverse engineer the ‘problem’ part, but rather to re-engineer the part to eliminate the inherent reliability problems associated with the original design.


Detailed failure analysis has allowed 21jAeroDesign to systematically correct four key deficiencies in the original design by meticulous attention to the new design specification.

CFM56-5B Thrust Reverser Adapter Ring Outer Flange

A320FAM Fan Cowl Latch Key Tool Assembly


EASA and FAA Airworthiness Directives have been issued because of several in-flight Fan Cowl Door losses. The Airworthiness Directives mandate modification of the Fan Cowl Door by installation of a new front latch with a locking device, requiring a special Key Tool Assembly for opening.


21jAeroDesign’s AP120-0013-001 Key Tool Assembly offers a cost-effective replacement for lost or damaged OEM parts, or when additional tooling provision is required for maintenance. 21jAeroDesign’s Key Tool Assembly has the benefit of a replaceable flag in the case of soiling or damage.

A320FAM Cargo Compartment Panels


Floor, sidewall, partition and ceiling panels.


New panels are CNC precision machined from Airbus approved FST compliant honeycomb sandwich materials and expertly assembled using OEM specification parts and adhesives.


Installation is approved under a Part-21 minor design change and new parts certified for release by EASA/CAA Form 1. An AIPC supplement is issued as part of the design data package, listing the new part numbers and showing interchangeability with the OEM part numbers.

A320FAM Cargo Compartment Floor Panels
CNC programming

Working in coordination with our customers, common part numbers are held in stock and available for immediate dispatch. CNC programming allows our production partner’s state of the art facility to manufacture to order under short lead-times.