21jAeroDesign – BER Component Recovery

21jAeroDesign – Aircraft Component Recovery

Enhancing the longevity of aircraft components

When aircraft components are sent for repair or overhaul, they will be assessed according to the BER ratio. If the cost of repair or overhaul is close to the residual value of the component (typically the threshold set at 60-70%), it will be considered ‘beyond economic repair’ and scrapped. Also, components may be unnecessarily scrapped because there are no repair instructions available in the aircraft manuals.


An unnecessarily scrapped aircraft component is economically disadvantageous for the aircraft operator. 21jAeroDesign seeks to turn what can be a costly failure into the opportunity for failure analysis and repair development. Using Part-21 approved repairs and new EPA replacement parts, we aim to extend the life of aircraft components, improving both the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of ongoing aircraft repair and overhaul.


CFM56-5B Core Fire Detector Rail Assembly Repair


The Core Fire Detector Rail Assembly is commonly removed from CFM56-5B powered A320FAM aircraft due to damage affecting the Support Tube. The damage typically consists of full or partial severing of the tube at its joint with the attach plate.


The damaged Support Tube is repaired by separating the tube at the break, inserting a repair rod and re-joining the severed sections by fusion/butt welding.

CFM56-5B Core Fire Detector Rail Assembly Repair
A320FAM Drain Mast Assembly Repair

A320FAM Drain Mast Assembly Repair


The Drain Mast Assembly is vulnerable to impact damage due to its location on the aircraft belly and typically experiences corrosion damage at the tube exit hole. The scope covered by this repair includes:


  • Paint repair
  • Repair of crack/split in seam
  • Dent removal
  • Repair of corrosion at tube exit hole
  • Replacement of tube assembly

Airbus Cockpit Door Bolting System Repair


Inspection of the Cockpit Door Bolting System commonly reveals damage affecting the Upper, Lower and Centre Latch Assemblies. The damage typically consists of fretting to the Bolt where it contacts the door frame, resulting in cross-sectional material loss at its edge.


The discrepant Latch Assembly is disassembled, and the damaged Bolt removed. The damaged Bolt is repaired by replacing missing material and precision machining to its initial profile.

Airbus Cockpit Door Bolting System Repair