Replacement Cabin and Cargo Compartment Honeycomb Sandwich Panels

Aeroco Group International and 21jAeroDesign have partnered in the design and production of new cabin and cargo compartment honeycomb sandwich panels, presenting airlines and leasing companies with a significant cost saving opportunity over OEM pricing.

Installation is approved under Part-21 as a minor design change (modification). The design data package is included in the fixed panel price avoiding non-recurring costs, regardless of the quantity of panels ordered. New panels are supplied with Form 1 authorised release certification.

We hold consignment stock of common part numbers for immediate dispatch, while maintaining capacity for on demand production under short lead-times.

Our new panels are manufactured using precision CNC technology and state-of-the-art fabrication methods. The new panels are constructed from OEM specified semi-finished sandwich panel materials, advanced adhesives and bonded inserts.

Our expanding product lines include:

A320F Cargo Compartment Floor Panels
A320F Cargo Compartment Sidewall Panels
A320F Cargo Compartment Ceiling Panels
A320F Cargo Compartment Partition Panels
A320F Cargo Compartment Protection Panels
Boeing 757 Cabin Floor Panels
Boeing 737 Cabin Floor Panels



Installation is approved as a minor change (modification) under Part-21.

A supplement to the AIPC accompanies each minor change approval, and which is issued to the customer as part of the fixed panel price, keeping things simple and avoiding any non-recurring costs.  The AIPC supplement lists new part numbers and presents interchangeability data.

New panels are produced under Part-21, Subpart G and supplied with Form 1 authorised release certification.

A321 cargo compt2 square



Aeroco and 21jAeroDesign’s replacement honeycomb panels are constructed from high performance materials that meet or exceed relevant aircraft manufacturer standards and current certification specifications.

Our panels are machined to exacting tolerances using precision CNC technology and are assembled by Aeroco’s team of expect technicians, guaranteeing right quality every time.

Efficient and Robust Supply Chain


Working in collaboration with our customers we hold common part numbers in stock for immediate dispatch, while maintaining capacity to manufacture on demand with lead-times as low as 48 hours. We also work with airlines to maintain strategic stock levels at line stations, logistics providers and MROs.

Efficient and Robust Supply Chain
Fixed Pricing

Fixed Pricing


New panel purchases are made through Aeroco, who employ an open and transparent pricing structure. We guarantee generous discounting over OEM pricing with no hidden extras or additional costs, the price we quote is the price you pay.

Transactions can be made in USD, Euro or GBP.

Our Pledge


Aeroco and 21jAeroDesign are committed to continuing excellence and being best in class.
We stand by our word and do what we say while cutting out the things that do not matter to keep us lean and able to deliver best customer value.