Seatbelt repair and overhaul service

21jAeroDesign has teamed up with CRS Technics in offering a fully comprehensive seatbelt repair and overhaul service for passenger lap belts, pilot harnesses and cabin attendant harnesses.

Our repair and overhaul service includes:

Inspection and cleaning

Replacement of worn or damaged webbing

Installation of new webbing, cut and precision sewed according to ASTM-D6193 using CNC machine technology



All work is performed by CRS Technics (EASA.UK.145.01365) in accordance with a part number specific repair drawing approved by 21jAeroDesign (UK.21J.0632). The repaired the seat belt/harness is released to service with EASA/CAA Form 1.

Seat Belt Repair and Overhaul

Colour Matching Service


We offer colour matching as part of our repair services, ensuring that customers get the exact webbing colour they require.

About 21jAeroDesign


21jAeroDesign is a forward-thinking Part-21 approved design organisation specialising in the design and approval of new aircraft parts, modifications, and repairs. Innovating through our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we are committed to reducing our customers’ costs by driving operating efficiencies.


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